SYNIMMUNE’s Bispecific Antibody Platform

SYNIMMUNE’s proprietary bispecific antibody platform allows for the production of a recombinant bispecific antibody molecule consisting of a Fab fragment with a specific binding site for an antigen (tumor cell binding) and a single chain Fv-fragment containing a second binding site (effector cell binding) which are linked by an immunoglobulin CH2 domain, which is attenuated for reduced/inhibited Fc binding.


Due to this design, SYNIMMUNE’s bispecific antibodies offer the following key advantages: SYNIMMUNE’s bispecific antibodies

·         do not form aggregates and, therefore have reduced off-target activity,

·         do not bind to Fc receptors and therefore only target tumor cells and target T-cells,

·         have increased production yield and are easy to purify,

·         have improved stability and increased half-life, which results in longer bioavailability of higher amounts of antibodies,

·         are protected by patents granted in Europe and by internationally pending patent applications.

SYNIMMUNE’s proprietary scaffold for bispecific antibodies has been applied for the construction of more than 30 different antibodies and can be applied for the design of additional innovative molecules addressing novel targets and effector cells.